HOUSE- 2nd Year Sophomores

HOUSE Syllabus

*2nd Year*

Instructor Information:
Ms. Kathy Jo Morris | Email: | Phone: (828)-354-0343

Course Description:  

NEIGHBORHOOD: A prelude to HOUSE. This is a required community-building time to share information/opportunities and learn about our monthly school focus.   


HOUSE: The JCEC version of homeroom incorporates elements of advisory and personal development. HOUSE is arranged by grade level. HOUSE will meet digitally throughout the week; however, the primary meeting date will be on Friday. HOUSE is a year-long local course at JCEC; students will receive 1 credit each year for successful completion.  The student’s numeric grade earned will be recorded on the high school transcript and will impact GPA. Students are expected to participate in all aspects of NEIGHBORHOOD/HOUSE including meetings, trips, team building, student-led conferences, etc. Attendance is recorded during each meeting, beginning with NEIGHBORHOOD promptly at 8:40 AM. All announcements with time sensitive information is shared through the HOUSE Canvas course.  


Course Learning Goals: Sophomores


General Targets Skills:

  • Considering College
    • Fall: Pre-ACT
  • Emotional Development
  • Listening Skills: Being present, keeping interest, taking notes, getting all information

Social/Emotional Goals:

  • Friendships and Trust
  • Wellness
  • Mental Health
  • Media
  • Public Speaking
  • Presentation Skills
  • Leaderships

Service Component:

  • Manna Food Bank in Asheville?

Student Led Product:

  • Fall – School Level Presentations
  • Spring – Parent Night Presentations

Tools and Resources:  

Canvas Access / JCPS email 

Remind App 

  • Remind Class Code: 


Statement of Expectations:   

  • The class atmosphere will promote the key guiding principles of JCEC creed. As representatives of JCEC, students are expected to be an example for others. If you are interrupting class, you are disturbing the learning opportunity of your peers.
  • I will DEDICATE myself to my education, maintaining high standards and meeting rigorous expectations. 
  • I will LEAD others and myself in a way that expresses my goals, strengths, and passions. 
  • I will SERVE others in a way that benefits my JCEC Neighborhood, SCC, and my local community. 
  • I will EMBRACE all opportunities to build community with my HOUSE and Neighborhood.

Grading Policy:  

The grading policy for HOUSE is as follows: 

  • In-Class HOUSE Assignments [50%] 
  • Out of Class HOUSE Assignments [50%] 
  • Exam Grade: Student-Led Conferences Fall & Spring [25%]

**Participation: Grading is based on the students’ full engagement in class, completion of tasks, and Canvas submissions.