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Meet Sayumi (A JCEC Sophomore) who participated in the NC Science and Engineering Fair

Tech Help Videos

Please refer to the following helpful videos to get everyone on the right track for the spring semester:

Canvas for Parents:

How do I get a canvas account to check my student’s grades?

See video here:

Written instructions: 

How do I check my student’s grades and assignments? (6.5 minutes)

Other helpful videos:

Parent Pointers for Understanding your Child’s Canvas Account In-depth video (28 minutes) 

Canvas Parent App (4.5 minutes) 

Tech Guide and Common Issues:

9th-12th Technology Guide:

Canvas Parent Instructions and Common Issues/FAQs

Hello Community Members!


Would you be willing to record yourself in a video (less than 5 minutes) talking about your PASSION? Your passion can be community service-based or career-based. If yes, keep reading below for more details, and thank you!!! If no, thank you for your consideration.


At Jackson County Early College our students spend time in a class called HOUSE. In this class we follow the following creed:

  • I will DEDICATE myself to my education, maintaining high standards and meeting rigorous expectations.
  • I will LEAD others and myself in a way that expresses my goals, strengths, and passions.
  • I will SERVE others in a way that benefits my JCEC Neighborhood, SCC, and my local community.
  • I will EMBRACE all opportunities to build community with my HOUSE and Neighborhood.

As 9th graders we ask students to begin exploring pathways to passions. They are encouraged to view and explore pathways so that later they can build roads to goals and careers. Sadly, with COVID, we cannot ask speakers or presenters to come to our school, so this is the next best thing!

Your Help:

We would love to have you tell us about your PASSION. Do you work with a community service based organization? Is your job service based? How did you arrive at this position and what types of jobs have you tried in the past? Basically we want to hear about your pathway to passion and what roads you had to build. It is ok to talk about transitions and roadblocks. We would love to hear why you are happy in service to others and how you knew this was the job for you. Any encouragement and advice you could give would be amazing. These videos will be played within our course and allow students to hear about different pathways and that there is no one way to success. You don’t have to answer anything in order and the video can be candid, just speak from the heart and tell students why you are passionate about your job or service project and how you decided it was for you.


Please keep your video between 2 and 5 minutes.

We would love if you would either upload your video to YouTube, or Vimeo and send a permanent link we can use for a couple of years OR you can use Google Meet to record (a google meet of one with the meet recorded) and send us the link of your video, OR you could video yourself and drop the thumb drive or DVD off at the front of the School (let me know so that I can provide an envelope or meet you.) If you need more information please feel free to email or call JCEC.

Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions Page under the JCEC Important School Information menu above.

End of the Grading Period:

The end of the Quarter 1 grading period is coming up on October 15th. Mid-quarter reports were sent home via mail to notify parents of their student’s status in classes.

JCEC Neighborhood Creed:

Welcome Back!

Remote Learning Comparison-

Please see the graphic to compare how the Spring 2020 remote setting is going to be very different from the Fall 2020 remote learning setting.

New Campus Daytime Departure Permissions

We know you have many questions. We are trying to give you little bites at a time. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are making an exception to the rule about leaving campus between classes to minimize the number of students on campus at once. Driving students may leave and return for class later in the day with signed parental permission, but you can only transport yourself, not other students for safety reasons. A form was emailed to your student email and will be available next week for parents to sign if this option is needed. This form is also required for students who will be parent pick up between classes. Sign in and out procedures will be released next week.

Device Insurance:

Device insurance is $30 this year and must be submitted or waived before devices can go home on August 14th. Students are encouraged to purchase insurance but it is not required. Checks write checks payable to Jackson County Early College. Regardless of the decision to purchase insurance, the form must be signed and collected. Students are also encouraged to use a school device, if possible as we are uploading lots of programs needed for some classes, including a device upload that can occur once the student is connected to WiFi. Students who use their own device will need to plan to take a device home as many of the remote learning features will be more accessible through the JCPS device.

Friday, August 14th: Book and Device Distribution-

Use the following link to sign up for your time slot to pick up books and devices.

August 17- 28: Lunch Times

Access to Commons is restricted this semester due to COVID-19. You must use the link to sign up for lunchtime and location if you are a face to face student who will need a place to eat lunch on the JCEC campus. If you are planning on eating outside, still sign up for a location in case of rain. You will not have access to microwaves and fridge until COVID restrictions are lifted. Please use the link to sign up. This is for your health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.  My hope is that we can return to normal in the near future.  You are certainly welcome to eat outside as long as you maintain social distancing but you will need to have a place to go when the weather is bad.  Please sign up as soon as possible but no later than next Wednesday, August 12th if you will be on the JCEC campus during lunch.  Also, lunch and breakfast is being offered free of charge for the first two weeks of school (thru August 31st)  for all JCPS students. 


Vending Machines in Library

We were notified that the vending machines in the library are not available for use until further notice due to restrictions during the pandemic. I know many of you enjoyed using those. Please plan accordingly and bring your own snacks. Thanks!

Let’s make this the best year ever!

Seniors Graduate From JCEC:

On August 2, JCEC Seniors graduated from JCEC in an outdoor, masked ceremony that took place at staggered times. We were happy to be able to take part in such a wonderful ceremony!

Where to Find Wifi:

Please check the map above ^^^^ and find out what wifi hotspots are available near you!

All teachers at JCEC are committed to continuing adequate, appropriate, and substantial education in a virtual classroom setting. Our school is trying to make this transition as easy as possible, but we understand there are barriers with social distancing.

Fun Ways To Participate!


Students can participate as much or little as they’d like in our neighborhood Padlet. If you would like to download the app and sign in with your JCPS Microsoft account, you will be able to access this quickly and easily from your phone. Check your email or Remind for the link.

Reporting Problems:

  • SCC issues with classes or digital learning platforms should be reported to Mrs. Judson.
  • JCEC assignments and correspondence should go to the teacher of record.
  • Internet and Website Access issues can be reported to Mrs. Judson or Mrs. Jacobs.

Helpful Practices:

  • Students should set a schedule and keep a calendar of assignments with due dates.
  • Get in a routine of checking emails, messages, and websites for information at the same time each day.
  • Set reminders or appointments on the calendar as a reminder to attend upcoming video/voice chats.
  • Find a space and time that works for you to keep you focused.
  • Encourage others to help you be successful.

Reaching Out:

Teachers are making every attempt to stay connected and are working every day to make sure that learning opportunities are available to all students. Communication with students may occur in any and all of the following ways:

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