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Tech Help-

Please refer to the following helpful videos to get everyone on the right track for the spring semester:

SCC Alerts:

All Students- Download the SCC Alert App!

Canvas for Parents:

How do I get a canvas account to check my student’s grades?

See video here:

Written instructions: 

How do I check my student’s grades and assignments? (6.5 minutes)

Other helpful videos:

Parent Pointers for Understanding your Child’s Canvas Account In-depth video (28 minutes) 

Canvas Parent App (4.5 minutes) 

Tech Guide and Common Issues:

9th-12th Technology Guide:

Canvas Parent Instructions and Common Issues/FAQs

Background for Neighborhood and HOUSE:

At Jackson County Early College our collective school of students is called a Neighborhood. When we meet with the school as a group to address school improvement ideas, to collaborate, and to support one another in a large group, we call this Neighborhood. This class time is provided on Fridays at 8:45. Our students also spend time in a class called HOUSE. In this class we follow the creed embedded below:

They are encouraged to build skills, view careers/colleges, and explore pathways so that later they can build roads to goals and success. Students earn an elective grade for HOUSE that impacts their GPA. For all grade levels, students are provided with a social and emotional curriculum that is written, developed, and supported by the Jackson County Early College teachers. This curriculum is based on the CASEL framework. Students are given the ability to give feedback during HOUSE to help determine needed pathways and/or competencies.

End of the Grading Period:

Please be aware of the following End-of Quarter or grading period dates:

October 14, December 21, March 18, June 3

On these dates, grades and teachers are required to finalize all grades. Students, please make sure your grades are up to date and discuss any issues or concerns with teachers with ample time to correct issues BEFORE the grading period.

Device Insurance:

Device insurance is $30 this year and must be submitted or waived before devices can go home on after the required forms are signed. Students are encouraged to purchase insurance but it is not required. Checks write checks payable to Jackson County Early College. Regardless of the decision to purchase insurance, the form must be signed and collected. Students are also encouraged to use a school device, if possible as we are uploading lots of programs needed for some classes, including a device upload that can occur once the student is connected to WiFi. Students who use their own device will need to plan to take a device home as many of the remote learning features will be more accessible through the JCPS device.

Let’s make this the best year ever!

Helpful Practices:

  • Students should set a schedule and keep a calendar of assignments with due dates. (Freshmen are provided planners.)
  • Get in a routine of checking emails, messages, and websites for information at the same time each day.
  • Set reminders or appointments on the calendar as a reminder to attend upcoming video/voice chats.
  • Find a space and time that works for you to keep you focused.
  • Encourage others to help you be successful.

Reaching Out:

Teachers are making every attempt to stay connected and are working every day to make sure that learning opportunities are available to all students. Communication with students may occur in any and all of the following ways:

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