Welcome to JCEC’s Student Services

Welcome students and families!logo

The Student Services team at JCEC will be using this page to share information about college transfer throughout the academic year.

Under “College Applications” you will find links for CFNC and the Common App, learn how to send your SCC and high school transcripts, learn how to apply for NC residency and find the link for FAFSA.

Under “Scholarship Information” you will find information about Types of Scholarships and a listing of recent scholarships you should check out.

Under “JCEC Resources” you will find links to JCEC staff, tutoring, writing center, career services, counseling, and student’s with disabilities services.

We hope all students planning to transfer to a college or university will join us on September 20th at 6 PM in the Burrell Conference Room for JCEC Senior College Night.

If you have questions about JCEC’s Student Services you can email:

Melanie Jacobs- JCEC Principal, mjacobs@jcpsmail.org

Pamela Judson – JCEC Liaison, pjudson@southwesterncc.edu

Marissa Todd- JCEC Student Support Specialist, mtodd@jcpsmail.org